NEW TOOL: What school building administrators should know about the new vision for K-12 science education

Posted on November 25, 2015

We recently learned that people have been using some of our STEM Teaching Tools to orient groups of principals to the Next Generation Science Standards / NRC Framework vision. In October, I heard Zoe Evans, a school administrator from Carroll County Schools and NGSS writer, give a fabulous keynote on what school-building administrators should know about NGSS. So, I pulled together this tool as a briefing document for school-building administrators wanting to learn about how the NGSS / Framework vision is different and what is involved with implementing it. When used with principals, it would be well-paired with STEM Teaching Tool 14 (what is NGSS / Framework), 15 (how to promote equity in science education), 32 (why engage students in practices and not the "scientific method"), and 6 (what does productive science talk look like).

-- by Philip Bell