Talk Resource Tool: Classroom Talk as a Formative Assessment Opportunity

While there has been significant research done about how classroom talk can be used as formative assessment (see STEM Teaching Tool #16), there are few resources on how to engage in this informal, on-the-fly type of assessment in practice. This protocol describes one way in which classroom talk can be assessed to inform instruction. There are likely many other ways that this can be done, but we have created and tested one we hope will prove useful.

PDF: Formative Assessment Tool: Student Idea Progression and Seating Chart
You will need to develop your own charts using your students, but we hope this will provide a helpful template for you to launch your design.

A fundamental assumption of this approach to informal on-the-fly formative assessment is that not all students need the same supports or resources to be successful. This approach helps you refine which students need particular supports.

How to use this Template:

Prior to classroom talk

During classroom talk

After classroom talk