Want to easily download the entire collection of STEM Teaching Tools?

Posted on January 17, 2015

People have asked us if there was a way to easily grab the entire collection of tools. So we have made the entire collection—in the "pretty", ready-to-print PDF format—available in one easy place for browsing and downloading. Follow the link below to the new Google folder and off you go. If you want ready access to the new tools as they come out, just add that folder to your Google drive. Here's the link:


We are gratified to hear that so many people have been using the tools. Some people are printing out the PDF versions and reading and discussing them in PD sessions or at science department / PLC meetings. Others are putting the PDFs on tablet devices for people to read during these meetings—so people can browse the links. Some are broadly sharing the PDF versions electronically with colleagues. That is all great to hear.

Please drop us a note at STEMteachingtools@uw.edu if there other ways we can make the site more useful.