NSTA Newsletter on Justice-Centered Phenomena

Posted on June 08, 2020

This June, our team is finding moments of hope by reading instructional accounts that show how to promote social justice through PK-12 science education. 

In particular, we have been reading articles in the new issue of the NSTA Next Gen Navigator, featuring accounts from Megan Bang, Nikki McDaid-Morgan, Alice Tsoodle, Jordyn Frost, Anastasia Sanchez, and Jason Foster, and co-edited by Deb Morrison and Philip Bell. 

Science instruction must support the complex work of anti-racism, and these resources offer suggestions, insights, and inspiration.

Practitioner accounts and associated resources:

We also published a new STEM Teaching Tool entitled Focusing Science and Engineering Learning on Justice-Centered Phenomena across PK-12 with additional thinking and resources in conjunction with this issue of the NSTA Next Gen Navigator.

We are thinking of our science education community right now, and hope you take strength and hope from these resources.