RESOURCE COLLECTION: Exploring Indigenous Science & STEM

Posted on November 22, 2021

As part of the STEM Teaching Tools initiative, we have curated a collection of Indigenous resources related to science and STEM education in support of the NGSS / Framework vision. The resources compiled over the past several years can help you think through how Indigenous history, lifeways, current efforts, and future goals can be made a widespread focus of science instruction in respectful and concrete ways. This can involve having your classes learn about Native history, worldviews, knowledge, contributions, and sense-making practices connected to science and engineering. Developing sustained partnerships with Indigenous scientists and community members to share about their work and perhaps guide student investigations are other key strategies to consider. This work is especially important in support of Native students and the educational goals of their communities, but all students should learn about Indigenous communities and it is best to approach it as a broad educational goal for all.

Dr. Stephanie Fryberg reminds us that "Invisibility is the modern form of racism against Natives". Education has a vital role to combat that invisibility by teaching the history of Indigenous peoples, educating about the contemporary work of Native scientists and engineers, and creating inclusive spaces for culturally sustaining science learning. This work aligns with NRC Framework for K-12 Science Education and NGSS vision which highlights the following equity priorities: (a) all science learning is a cultural accomplishment, (b) culturally rooted sense-making practices of students need to be supported in instruction, and (c) leveraging local community science knowledge and practices of knowing in culturally relevant ways.

As of November 2021, you can explore over 130 different resources in the collection to explore and use. We try to add new resources over time. All nominations for additional resources are welcome! Please email ideas to

The Indigenous Science and STEM Education Resource Collection

Indigenous Ways of Knowing & Science Teaching Resources
A collection of resources on Indigenous science and STEM along with the implications for education.