PD Playlist: Engaging Teachers with Equity in Science Education

APPROACH: It can be difficult to engage in concrete discussions of educational equity. The following approach has worked to get teachers to quickly engage in such discussions. This approach asks small groups to choose one of two briefs to sink into, and has been particularly productive in getting people to think about specific details of equity and social justice in science education. 

Estimated Time: 60 min.

Download and use these slides to engage teachers with the following STEM Teaching Tools in small groups. (Before engaging with these resources, it is expected that teachers are generally oriented to the NGSS / NRC Framework Vision.)

As part of the slide sequence, ask small groups to choose one of the following two tools to read and discuss:

Regroup and debrief as a whole group, asking small groups to share out salient ideas and pressing questions. Then, ask groups to read and discuss both of the following (as prompted by the slides).

Close with a full-group discussion on ideas and next steps from this session.

NEXT STEP: Engage in this 4-hour PD session focused on the cultural dimensions of science education