Climate Learning Resources

Global climate change is rapidly impacting all life on earth. But impacts of climate change are complex, uneven, and worsening, with people from poverty-impacted and BIPOC communities often experiencing impacts most sharply. We must be prepared to understand and respond to climate science. Education is a vital context for building capacity for just, community-driven adaptation and resilience efforts as well as for promoting the enactment of equitable mitigation efforts around the world.

Justice-centered climate change learning is complex, but urgent. To support educators to build capacity for this work, we are creating a suite of resources focused on different aspects of this work. Climate science learning has to happen across PK-12 classroom, in informal education and outdoor contexts, and in community-based learning settings.

To that end, we have created the following kinds of resources on this page:

STEM Teaching Tools on Climate

STEM Teaching Tools are short, two-page briefs on particular topics in education. We have worked with collaborators to develop STEM Teaching Tools on the following themes:

Why Teach Climate Change?

STEM Teaching Tools 12

STEM Teaching Tool #12
Scientific literacy involves understanding global climate change & what people can do about it

STEM Teaching Tools 14

STEM Teaching Tool #44
Addressing controversial science topics in the K-12 classroom

STEM Teaching Tool 10

STEM Teaching Tool #10
Teaching STEM In Ways that Respect and Build Upon Indigenous Peoples' Rights

STEM Teaching Tool 78

STEM Teaching Tool #78
Navigating the Political Dimensions of Climate Change Teaching and Learning

Pedagogy with a Foundation of Justice and Ecological Caring

STEM Teaching Tool 70

STEM Teaching Tool #70
How can environmental educators practice intersectional environmentalism?

STEM Teaching Tool 61

STEM Teaching Tool #61
Using science investigations to develop caring practices for social-ecological systems

STEM Teaching Tool 55

STEM Teaching Tool #55
Why it is crucial to make cultural diversity visible in STEM education?

STEM Teaching Tool 11

STEM Teaching Tool #11
Implementing Meaningful STEM Education with Indigenous Students & Families

STEM Teaching Tool 71

STEM Teaching Tool #71
How can you advance equity and justice through science teaching?

STEM Teaching Tool 84

STEM Teaching Tool #84
Let’s Talk Climate! Bridging Climate Justice Learning and Action Across School, Home, and Community

Selecting Justice-Centered, Local Anchor Phenomena

STEM Teaching Tool 67

STEM Teaching Tool #67
Focusing Science and Engineering Learning on Justice-Centered Phenomena across PK-12

STEM Teaching Tool 69

STEM Teaching Tool #69
Using Local Phenomena to Communicate Climate Solutions

Focusing Climate Change Learning on Solutions

STEM Teaching Tool 68

STEM Teaching Tool #68
Keeping Climate Science Learning and Instruction Focused on Creating Solutions and Building Community Resilience

STEM Teaching Tool 73

STEM Teaching Tool #73
Connecting science instruction to neighborhood life through collaborative design with community

Building Partnerships with Scientists, Families, and Other Community Members

STEM Teaching Tool 74

STEM Teaching Tool #74
Designing and participating in community and citizen science efforts to support equity and justice

STEM Teaching Tool 77

STEM Teaching Tool #77
Building Family-Centered Models for Science Education through Learning in Places

STEM Teaching Tool 82

STEM Teaching Tool #82
Supporting observations, wonderings, systems thinking & “Should We” deliberations through Learning in Places

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3D Assessment Examples for Climate Science Learning

In collaboration with the ClimeTime Initiative, we have created a shared Google Drive folder with assessments designed to support climate change science teaching and learning. These assessments are intended to support educators in understanding the nature of equitable assessment practices in the context of climate science learning across a range of grade levels and topics. The ClimeTime Initiative Assessment Project has further details.

Access the full folder here or individual assessments below.

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Plus, the folder includes templates for these assessments that you can download and use to create your own.

Climate Teacher Education Project

STEM Teaching Tools is part of the Climate Teacher Education Project, building resources and capacity to teach about community climate justice projects in teacher education programs. The project hosts network events, develops rich case studies of climate response, and engages small teams to imagine, develop, and use open education resources (OER). We help future science teachers learn how to teach about community climate justice.

Look for resources on this page soon. In the meantime, follow the project on Twitter at @ClimateEdTools!

Climate & Environmental Justice in Education Graduate-Level Course

How can we learn to create a more just world where all humans and other creatures can thrive?

This winter, team members Philip Bell and Nancy Price taught a course at the University of Washington on climate and environmental justice in education. They shared the course description, readings, resources, and more on their site, which you can access for free.

Explore how themes of ecological care, multispecies wellbeing, and equity relate to climate and environmental education. Check out the graduate seminar online here, and join the inquiry on Twitter at #UWClimateEd.