Practice Brief 88 -- Topics: Equity Implementation

Fostering meaningful conversations about equity grounded in teacher practice

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Why it Matters to You
  • Teachers have knowledge of the unique characteristics of their schools, students, and local communities—and how that should shape instruction. They can work together to address persistent issues of inequity by providing each other guidance and holding each other accountable to progress on equity.
  • School Leaders should provide space for honest, critical reflection among teachers that is not tied to evaluation.
  • Teachers, instructional coaches, other school staff, parents, and researchers can all use the Conversations about Equity that Link Theory to Practice tool.

What is the Issue?

Meaningful conversations about equity in science education can be hard to start and even more difficult to sustain. Many teachers lack opportunities to deeply and openly discuss equitable instruction. Researchers or administrators often share equitable instructional practices with teachers with little discussion about the practice’s underlying principles. As a result, teachers lack ownership and sufficient opportunities to make sense of how these practices support equity. Administrators and researchers can use the resources in this brief to position teachers as equal contributors in collaborative learning—creating more meaningful conversations and stronger theoretical understandings of social justice in practice.


By Maria Chiara Simani, Emily V. Reigh, and Emily Adah Miller (Authors Equally Contributed) | April 2022

Reflection Questions

Everyone in your organization should be able to answer and discuss the following questions:

  • Do I understand our equity/social justice goals? How would I put it in my own words? Which parts of the goal resonate and which are unfamiliar or concerning?
  • What specific practices can I do in the classroom to work toward our equity/social justice goals? What evidence of progress toward our goals can I look for and collect in my own instruction?
  • What steps will I take if I do not find evidence that our goals are being achieved?

Things to Consider

Attending to Equity

Recommended Actions You Can Take

Use the Conversations about Equity that Link Theory to Practice tool for meaningful conversations about equity, including the guidance and supports for using this tool.

As you work with the tool, enact these principles:

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