PD Playlist: Promoting Student Science Talk in the Classroom

APPROACH: This playlist is designed to support classroom teachers as they equitably incorporate more science talk in their classrooms—as students engage in discourse to make sense of scientific phenomena and engage with science and engineering practices.

Read and discuss the following tools in small groups. Allow additional time to process and explore the second two briefs, as they link off to other useful tools and activities. Taken together, reading all these briefs might lead to a larger discussion and strategy-sharing session around how to support student talk in the science classroom.

Estimated Time: 50 min.

Background: Guiding student science talk in the classroom

Read and discuss these two tools. Reflection questions on each tool can be used to guide your conversation.

Classroom Resources: Activities and tools to generate student science talk

Read and discuss the following two tools, possibly using the reflection questions on each tool. Take a bit more time to explore these tools; each brief links off to many additional resources to be used in the classroom. 

Close with a full-group discussion on ideas and action plans you are taking away from this session. As a follow-on learning experience, you should consider exploring another playlist focused on supporting science learning through the argumentation practice